Margarita Island - Kayaking

Isla Margarita, also known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean,” is a beautiful island off the northeastern coast of Venezuela that offers a variety of outdoor activities, including kayaking. The island has many scenic waterways, including lagoons, bays, and coves, that are ideal for kayaking.

There are several companies on the island that offer kayaking tours, including Kayak Margarita. Kayak Margarita is a popular choice, offering guided tours of the island’s lagoons and mangrove swamps. They provide high-quality kayaks and safety equipment, as well as experienced guides who can tailor the tour to your interests and experience level.

In terms of the best time to go kayaking on Isla Margarita, the dry season from December to April is ideal, as the weather is warm and dry, with little chance of rain. However, kayaking is possible year-round on the island, with slightly cooler temperatures and occasional rain showers during the off-season from May to November.

Overall, kayaking is a great way to experience the natural beauty and serenity of Isla Margarita, and there are several reputable companies on the island that can provide a safe and enjoyable experience.

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