Margarita Island - Los Frailes Islands

About Los Frailes Islands

The Los Frailes Archipelago is a group of islands that belongs to Venezuela, is included in the Venezuelan Federal Dependencies and is located to the east of the country in the Caribbean Sea.

It is made up of ten islands that have a total surface area of 192 hectares (1.92 km²), some of which retain the name given by the Caribbean Indians, are uninhabited and are located on the northeast coast of the island of Margarita. The largest island is the so-called Fraile Grande or Puerto Real, it has a maximum length of 2,200 m and occupies an area of 0.75 km². To the northwest of Fraile Grande is the Morro de la Pecha and Morro Blanco and to the northwest of the archipelago the islets of Cominoto and Chaure.

It should be noted that Los Frailes is made up of volcanic and subvolcanic rocks, it is highly arid and access is difficult. Only Fraile Grande Island is easily accessible and it is through one of its beaches, located in the western part of the island.

Its sparkling white sandy soils are quite characteristic due to the abundant salt content and in certain flat areas there is a small development of a high lime content. It presents vegetation dominated by creeping and herbaceous; In addition to the xerophilous, mangroves, among others. You can see beautiful birds crossing the sky blue of the ground and some species of reptiles. Its waters are crystalline, ranging from turquoise to deep blue.

Los Frailes is a paradisiacal tourist destination, located off the North-East Coast of the Island of Margarita, approximately 8 Nautical Miles, can be seen from the Beaches of El Tirano, Parguito and El Agua, with crystalline turquoise waters and sand. blanca, where you can enjoy various activities during your visit.

Los Frailes Islands – A destination for diving

Unlike other tours (Isla de Coche and Isla de Cubagua) where there are spectacular beaches, in Los Frailes the underwater world is the main attraction. Above water, the island has little attractive to offer!

Los Frailes Islands are the best place for scuba diving and snorkeling around Margarita Island.

The water has acceptable conditions practically all year round, with visibility of 10-30m. The temperature is quite low for being in the Caribbean, average between 24-26 degrees. The fauna and flora are very typical of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Sea (there are currents from both seas in this area). The maximum depth of the water reaches ca. 35m.

The phenomenon of coastal upwelling (phenomenon of the rise of deep water to the surface) is what mainly favors the great biological diversity and the proliferation of native fauna.

The plankton carried by the currents will allow the encounter with large fish in complete safety. You can expect to see a large number of fish in the water. Well, who does not want to see a barracuda of about 2m, octopuses of entire meters, sea turtles and even green-headed conger eels. A unique experience!

In the waters of the archipelago it is also possible to admire a fantastic variety of corals.

Diving Tours to Los Frailes Islands

It is only possible to access this archipelago by sea from the island of Margarita, normally by diving tours.

The best dive tour operator on Isla Margarita is Scuba Diving Margarita.

They organize diving tours to various destinations around Margarita, among which the Frailes Islands stand out.


  • Diving 180.-$ p.p.
  • Snorkeling 110.-$ p.p.

Minimum quantity 2 people for diving or 4 for snorkeling, maximum quantity 4 people

Includes: ride in a sports boat, 2 snorkeling or diving practices, hydration (water and soft drinks), lunch on board (chicken sandwich + dessert or fruit), guides, photos and maritime transfer in a covered boat.

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