Margarita Island - Getting there

Entry and Visa requirements for Venezuela

    • All foreign passports must be valid for a minimum of ninety (90) from the moment of arrival in Venezuelan territory.
    • The maximum time of stay as a tourist in Venezuelan territory is ninety (90) days, tickets can only be sold until the established time.
    • The following nationalities need a visa to enter Venezuelan territory, said document must be valid at the time of entry: China, Dominican Republic, Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria, Panama, USA, Honduras, Haiti, Ukraine, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru , and Middle Eastern countries, among others.

By Airplane

Due to restrictions, there are very few airlines with direct flights to Caracas, Venezuela and there are even fewer direct international flights to Isla Margarita.

The most common and likely route is from your location to Panama, from Panama to Caracas and from Caracas onward to Isla Margarita.

The information below reflects a brief review of airlines we created to facilitate travel for tourists interested in coming to Isla Margarita. The information is not intended to be complete and accuracy may be affected by the COVID pandemic.

Please, visit the specific airline websites to check flight information.

1. International Flights to Caracas

Copa Airlines has by far the broadest network connecting cities all over the continent with their hub in Panama and from Panama to Caracas.

Wingo is a low cost airline that has numerous regional connections to Bogota and from Bogota to Caracas. However, flights have been temporarily suspended due to Covid.

Conviasa is the national Venezuelan airline and offers direct flights from numerous countries to Caracas and has connection to Isla Margarita.

Estelar is a private company that offers connections from Panama, Peru, Argentina and Chile to Caracas and has a connection to Isla Margarita.

Other airlines with flights from Panama to Caracas, Venezuela are:

2. Flights from Caracas to Margarita Island

Most passengers, either coming from abroad flying into Caracas or locals living in Caracas or other main cities, take flights to Isla Margarita with any of the local airlines:

3. Getting plane tickets

Getting to Isla Margarita can be challenging and it is helpful to use the services of a local travel agent to assist you with buying plane tickets.

Casa Maya has formed an alliance with Robson Soares, an independent travel agent, who has helped many of our clients to obtain plane tickets.

Feel free to contact Robson on WhatsApp.

By Ferry

There are several shipping companies that offer ferry service to Margarita Island: La Nueva Conferry, Navibus, Gran Cacique and Naviera Paraguaná.

This video just published (October 2, 2021) by Vlogger Gabriel Herrera shows the trip with Naviera Paraguaná (Spanish only).

As you can see in the video, the purchase and boarding procedure is somewhat bureaucratic and which is why it is important that you arrive with enough time before the departure time.

Ferry Jet Marine

Ferry Jet Marine  is a new company that started offering ferry services in 2022.

This high-speed ferry type vessel is exclusively for transporting passengers (not vehicles).

Ferry Jet Marine offers ferry services between Guanta (mainland) and Punta de Piedras (Margarita Island) and between Punta de Piedras and Isla de Coche.

The Ferry has a capacity for 220 passengers on the main deck and 40 passengers on the upper deck.

Ferry Jet English

Prices between Guanta and Punta de Piedras:

Prices between Punta de Piedras and Isla de Coche:

Tickets can be bought at the following places:
The trip between Guanta and Punta de Piedras takes about 2 hours 30 minutes.

The trip between Punta de Piedras and Isla de Cocha takes about 30 minutes.
For more information, please visit the Ferry Jet Marine Instagram account or contact them:

Phone: +58-414-785-1360



Naviera Paraguaná is a company with Venezuelan capital. It currently covers the route from Puerto de Guanta – Punta de Piedras (Margarita Island).

The price as of October 20, 2021 for an adult between Guanta-Punta de Piedras-Guanta, one-way trip, depending on the class, is:
  • Arena - USD $10
  • Playa - USD $20
  • Sol - USD $40

The rates for Vehicles as of December 2021 between Guanta-Punta de Piedras-Guanta, one-way trip, are:
  • Sedan - USD $55
  • Truck I - USD $70
  • Truck II - USD $90
  • Truck III - USD $100
The prices do not include VAT (sales tax), they are payable at the day of purchase’s exchange rate.
You can buy tickets at the box office at the terminal or on the website.
  1. Print the digital ticket sent to your email for greater convenience at the time of verification.
  2. Bring identity documents to hand:
  • Ticket (Printed or Digital).
  • In case of being a Foreigner (Adults and minors), Valid Passport
  • C.I. Laminated Original (current or expired).
  • Minor (s) with their parent (s), ORIGINAL Birth Certificate.
  • Minor (s) with a third person CURRENT Travel Permit (Notarized powers of attorney are not allowed).
  • Original Carnet of Circulation.
  1. Baggage:
  • Suitcase up to 23 kilos in a single piece (if it exceeds you must pay overweight at the lockers)
  • Hand luggage up to 8 kilos.
For more information, contact Gran Cacique through + 58-212-263-0519 or + 58-212-263-1807 or the website.


The Conferry departs from Guanta-Puerto La Cruz and arrives at the Punta de Piedras Ferry Terminal.

The Ferry Rates to Margarita of ‘La Nueva Conferry’ as of December 2021 are:

Ferry rates of the Route Guanta-Punta de Piedras-Guanta, round trip, have a cost of Bs. 40 for adults.

Sedan have a rate of Bs. 160. Vans, depending on their capacity, vary between Bs. 220 and Bs. 456 one way.

In addition, van type vehicles and micro buses must pay Bs. 240 one way.

To verify the rates, they can be consulted by going to the commercial offices of the company or by telephone at 0501-CONFERRY (0501-26633779)
Ferry tickets can only be purchased at the Conferry Ticket Office or Commercial Offices.

Tickets can be canceled with cash or credit or debit card.
To cancel with a credit or debit card, the card holder must be present.
The duration of the crossing on the Fast Ship ferry on the Route Guanta-Puerto La Cruz to Punta de Piedras, Margarita Island is approximately 3 hours, while on the conventional ferry it is approximately 5 hours (Transportation of passengers and vehicles).
  • In case of being a Foreigner (Adults and minors), Valid Passport
  • Copy of the Birth Certificate of Children up to 8 years old.
  • Copy of the Identity Card of Children from 9 to 11 years old.
  • Over 60 years Original Identity Card and Copy 50% discount.
  • Copy of the Birth Certificate of Children under 2 years of age, 100% discount.
  • Circulation Card or Certificate of Origin: Original and Copy.
  • To cancel with a credit or debit card, the holder must be present.
The Nueva Conferry is an organization that, through the participation of its workers, offers maritime transport services between the mainland and the Nueva Esparta state. This new concept arises from the Decree of Forced Occupation of Consolidated Ferries (Conferry CA) by the National Executive on September 27, 2011, published in Official Gazette No. 39,766 by Presidential Decree No. 8,486 dated 27 September 2011.
For more questions, you can go to the commercial offices of the company or by phone at 0501-CONFERRY (0501-26633779)

Gran Cacique

Gran Cacique is a company dedicated to the maritime transport of passengers, vehicles and parcels, which operates between the states of Sucre, Nueva Esparta and Anzoátegui.

Currently the company covers the routes:

  • Puerto la Cruz – Punta de Piedras (Isla Margarita)
  • Cúmana – Punta de Piedras (Isla Margarita)

The company has a fleet of five vessels:

  • P/B Don Nasib
  • P/B Gran Cacique III
  • B/P Guaqueri
  • B/P Caracas
  • B/P Palita
These are the Ferry Rates to Margarita de Gran Cacique effective as of September 2021 on the Cumaná - Punta de Piedras route.

You can buy your ticket in advance or on the day of the trip.Sales offices:
  • The ticket offices of our terminals in Cúmana, Puerto la Cruz and Punta de Piedras
  • At the CCST (Centro Ciudad Comercial Tamanaco) in the city of Caracas
  • Gran Cacique Office in Porlamar (Av. Santiago Mariño, Blue Sky Building - Local 3)
From Puerto la Cruz it takes about 5 hours. From Cúmana it takes about 3 hours.
  • Prices include tourism tax.
  • For minors, it is an essential requirement to present the birth certificate and / or travel permit.
  • For minors who travel without their parents or representatives, it is an essential requirement to present a travel permit.
  • For those over 60 years of age, you must present an Identity Card and a copy of it.
  • If the passenger wishes to transport animals, they must be vaccinated, free of diseases and carry the appropriate means for their correct transfer.
  • Vehicles: To buy the ticket, you can present the original or a copy of the vehicle's documents (vehicle registration card and title deed). But, when confirming it, you must show all the original documents. In the case of the vehicle, a copy of the title deed and original driving license is sufficient.
For more information contact Gran Cacique through 0293-433-1209 and 0293-431-5410 Customer Service option or the website


Inversiones Naviera del Caribe C.A. Navibus, is a Venezuelan company that started its operations as a result of the need to satisfy the growing demand for transportation to and from the island of Margarita.

Understanding this need, a group of Venezuelan shareholders from the Nueva Esparta state created Navibus, a line of ferries that cover the maritime routes from Puerto la Cruz to the island of Margarita.

The new Ferry Rates to Margarita with Navibus for December 2021 are now available. Naviera Navibus provides its services from Puerto La Cruz with its ferries La Caranta and La Galera.

The current price of a one-way adult Navibus ticket is Bs. 26.

Remember, port fees are not included and are valid for one (1) trip only.
Punta de Piedras Branch: Av. Juan Bautista Arismendi, Bird Lighthouse, El Aguila Sector, Punta de Piedras

Branch C.C. The Supply Office: Av. Juan Bautista Arismendi, C.C. I follow the Procurement, Central Plant, Local S / N, Urb. José Asunción Rodríguez. Porlamar, Mariño Municipality, Edo. New Sparta.

Puerto La Cruz Branch: Av. Prolongación Paseo Colón, Los Cocos Sector, Conferry Ferry Terminal. Puerto La Cruz, Juan Antonio Sotillo Municipality, Edo. Anzoátegui.
Adults: To buy the ticket you must present the original and a copy of the identity card and/ or passport.

Children And Under 18 Years

  1. In case of traveling with their parents, the original and copy of the identity card of one of the parents must be presented, as well as the original and the copy of the identity card and the child's birth certificate, or passport.
  2. In case of traveling with a relative or individual: It is essential to have the travel permit issued by the CMDNNA (Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents), present an original and a copy of the identity card of the person authorized in the Permit and original and copy of the child's identity card and / or birth certificate.
  3. Navibus offers the 50% discount to children between 3 and 7 years old (you must leave a copy of the birth certificate).
  4. Children from 0 to 2 years old travel for free.

Senior citizens: It is essential to present an original and a copy of the identity card to enjoy the Third Age discount.

Students: To enjoy the discount as students, at the time of ticket purchase they must present an original and a copy of the updated student card or proof of studies.

People with Disabilities: Navibus offers a 50% discount to passengers with disabilities (they must leave a copy of their identity card).
Check schedules on the website or by calling 0295 - 5006284 and 0295 - 5006250.

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