Margarita Island - Punta Arenas Beach

When vacationing and exploring new Venezuelan tropical sites on Margarita Island, we recommend the Punta Arenas beach, one of the most extraordinary natural settings of this recognized Pearl of the Caribbean. This pleasant place will make you feel in another world.

Location of Punta Arenas Beach

Punta Arenas Beach is the furthest tropical paradise from Porlamar, approximately 50 minutes from the town, specifically at the southwest tip of Margarita Island on the Macanao Peninsula.

A unique place

Punta Arenas got its name because it has a point shape that is the southwestern tip of Isla Margarita, making it the westernmost beach on the island. At each side of the point is a beach.

The beach on the far left, corresponds to the south side, made up of the fishermen’s town and where tourist services are offered for the comfort of visitors, such as the rental of awnings and beach loungers, restaurants with service on the seashore and much more. 

The beach on the far right is quite secluded, however the service of the two restaurants that are located there are of excellent quality, they offer first class cuisine.

A true idyllic paradise

Punta Arenas is a true idyllic paradise that is worth visiting.

It is a very beautiful beach made up of two coastlines that have the shape of a triangular point, with calm and crystalline waters in turquoise tones, shallow and with very fine soft white sand.

It is a very quiet and calm beach. The water is nice and the path to the beach is unique, with beautiful views.

When taking pleasant walks along the beach, you will be able to find numerous shells of various shapes and marine stars.

Punta Arena Beach is a great place for those who seek peace and tranquility, either alone, with a partner or to go with the family or children.

Little development & tourist services

Playa Punta Arenas is relatively undeveloped and very quiet.

We advise visitors to be very well equipped with everything they need and enjoy the resplendent sun and the deep air of tranquility that is breathed in this place.

If visitors wish, they can place their own umbrellas and bring their cavita with everything they need to enjoy a wonderful day with family and friends. On this beach you will not find any street vendors, which makes it a much calmer and more relaxed place.

Regarding tourist services, Punta Arenas has delicious typical restaurants with service on the beach, rental of awnings and chairs, relaxing massages, parking, toilets and showers.

Here, you will have the facility to order a delicious boiled or a traditional fried fish from any of the ladies at the beach kiosks.

If it is within your means, stay until the arrival of sunset; It will be an unforgettable experience to observe how the sun falls slowly over the sea, offering an incomparable luminosity and thus obtaining the best photographic memories.

Overall, Playa Punta Arenas is a hidden gem on Isla Margarita that should not be missed by anyone visiting the island. With its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and modern conveniences, it offers the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. So why not pack your bags and head to Isla Margarita for an unforgettable beach vacation?

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