Margarita Island - Food & Drinks

Margarita being an Island, fish and seafood are plentiful, fresh and very affordable.

Typical foods

Fish and seafood is offered everywhere, literally. You can buy fresh fish directly from fishermen and cook it yourself, you can get fish and seafood on the beach, on the street from vendors and in any shape and size restaurant.

There is a wide variety of fish, but most popular is fried fish or ceviches.

Most dishes are accompanied with rice, beans, fried plantains, fried potatoes, cole slaw, or a salad.

Popular dishes include ‘Chicharron de pescado’ (fried fish or seafood), ceviche, patacones, empanadas.


Batidos or smoothies/juices are a favorite. In Venezuela, freshly-squeezed juices, such as orange and mandarin, are called “jugos”, other fruits that are mixed with water and ice are called “batidos”, and milkshakes are known as “merengadas”.

You can get them everywhere and of a wide variety of fruits and combinations. You can enjoy juices at fruterias, areperas, luncherias and five star restaurants – anywhere there’s a blender and a plug socket, basically.

They are delicious and very refreshing.

Locals drink a lot of beer, but being a tropical Island, cocktails and rum are very popular as well. Cocktails are mainly served in restaurants and bars at the beaches or nightlife spots.

Buying groceries

The economic situation of Venezuela is bad with hyperinflation. Nevertheless, compared to some years ago, the situation has improved and empty supermarkets are a thing of the past. Contrary to common belief among foreigners, supermarkets are filled with a wide variety of products of good quality and at competitive prices compared to other countries.

So buying food, from fresh vegetables, dairy products, meats, local and imported products, is not an issue. You will find anything you desire for simple or gourmet cooking.

This video from vlogger Luis Brainer shows a recent supermarket visit. Although in Spanish, it gives a realistic view of the situation in Margarita Island.


Although the amount of restaurants has diminished due to the lack of tourists, there is still plenty of choice and a wide variety of offers. From small restaurants offering local foods to fancy gourmet cooking, pizza, sushi, chinese… You will find it all.

Ask locals for recommendations or check the internet.

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